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Reliability is the driving force behind a successful trip. LimoLink knows no bounds when it comes to executing on your reservations. We work diligently to keep your travel plans on schedule.


Having a committed partnership ensures that your experience with LimoLink is a success each and every trip. Our advanced technology allows us to track, record, and troubleshoot in real-time so you can rest assured your reservations are secure and thoroughly reviewed. But what does that mean to you?

Getting the Details Right the First Time. Checking and double checking by a team familiar with you. Our team members provide the right level of skills and expertise to ensure the process is accurate and seamless. We know your day is full, partnering with LimoLink lets you get back to the tasks that matter most.

A Diligent Review Process. 15 years and over a million reservations has taught us that not every reservation goes as planned. We’ve used that experience to create proprietary technology that identifies potential pitfalls so that we can prevent them. We provide you with both the human and technological resources to keep your trip running smoothly.

Communication at Every Intersection. From letting you know the level of service to expect in Shanghai to the President’s unscheduled visit to the city your passenger is traveling to, communication is essential. Bumps in the road and last minute changes are going to happen. Adapting to change and keeping you apprised is just our way of life.

"In my profession, I can’t afford to make mistakes. I trust LimoLink because they hold themselves to the same high standard. Receiving a text message when my executive’s chauffeur arrives on-site, no matter the time or city they are in, gives me peace of mind back home and allows me to stay at the top of my game."
-Executive Assistant to CEO/President

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