September 08, 2020

Meet Bill Barnes: Founder & CEO of LimoLink

Take a look as we sit down with LimoLink Founder and CEO, Bill Barnes, to discuss what sets LimoLink apart from other companies.

LimoLink Building Exterior

Since first opening our doors in 1998, it's always been our mission to provide exceptional service to bill_barnes_photo.jpgall our clients. This month, we wanted to take a moment to have a conversation with our Founder and CEO, Bill Barnes, to see how we continue to do this and what sets LimoLink apart from the rest. 

How did LimoLink get it roots?
The vision has always been to create the world’s best service organization with a focus on building relationships and providing phenomenal support to clients. We all wore many hats back in the day to build LimoLink from the ground up. I personally started in the trenches answering the phones and calling our vendors in a tiny office above a Mexican restaurant. Yes, we’ve come a long way from those days but the one thing that remains constant is our passion for serving our clients.  

What type of corporate culture do you promote?
I’ve always been a fan of a casual laid back atmosphere where people are excited to show up to work. The most important ingredient is finding the right people that share the same passion. We seek out people that have a natural instinct to help. I love the team we’ve put together.

What makes LimoLink unique or the go-to choice when you think of all of the options for transportation in today’s world?
LimoLink is laser focused on delivering on every detail, at every service interaction. We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection. There is not another organization that takes its mission more seriously. It’s all we do. 

Can you describe chauffeured ground as though I knew nothing about it?
At its most basic level, we are moving a passenger from point A to point B. That might not sound difficult but there are so many variables from ever-changing travel schedules, traffic, weather and complicated meet locations. Business travelers do not have an extra five minutes to wait for their chauffeur, it needs to be ready when the passenger is.

Any final thoughts?
LimoLink's vision has always been to build a world class organization. We have relentlessly leaned into our company's vision to ensure everything about LimoLink was built on a foundation that can survive whatever the world throws at us. Our business was built to last. COVID-19 and a derecho have been true tests, but the LimoLink nation is together and will make it through these storms.