May 04, 2021

Selecting the Right Vehicle for Your Travel Plans

As you solidify your upcoming travel plans, learn about the three most popular vehicles available for reservation - sedan, SUV, and sprinter van - and which vehicle will meet your passenger and luggage needs.

LimoLink Vehicle Types

It's time to book transportation for your upcoming event. But how do you know which vehicle to reserve for your passenger and their luggage? We've made it easy for you! Read on to learn about three types of vehicles and their capacity configurations before booking your next trip.

Vehicle Types


If you tend to travel light, travel alone, or are booking a trip around the city, a luxury sedan will do the job. Both the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series have limited trunk capacity for large bags or lots of luggage. But if you only require space for a couple suitcases or a set of golf clubs and a carry-on, a sedan trunk is all the space you will need.

Capacity configurations include:

  • 1-3 passengers
  • 2 large suitcases and 2 carry-on bags
  • 1 large suitcase, 1 medium suitcase, and 1 carry-on bag
  • 1 set of golf clubs, 1 small/medium suitcase, and 1 carry-on bag
Mercedes S Class Interior
Mercedes S Class Trunk


A perfect mid-size option, the SUV meets you in the middle with enough space for several passengers and luggage. SUV’s are also a good option for those passengers that require extra leg room or want to spread out. Depending on the number of passengers and bags, you can put the third row down or leave it up as needed.

Capacity configurations include:

  • 1-5 passengers
  • 3-4 large suitcases and a combination of smaller bags and carry-on bags with the third row up
  • 4-5 large suitcases and carry-on bags, as well as 1-2 sets of golf clubs if the third row is down
Chevy Suburban Interior
Chevy Suburban Cargo Area

Sprinter Van

For large groups, a Sprinter Van is the best option. Whether you are transporting a group of 12 to the airport or taking 6 passengers to a week-long vacation destination, this vehicle has plenty of room for your luggage and passengers.

  • 6-12 passengers (14 passengers with no luggage)
  • Capacity is up to 12 large suitcases and 12 carry-on bags.
Sprinter Van Interior
Sprinter Van Cargo Area

We hope this breakdown gives you the insight you need to select the right vehicle for your travel plans. Still have questions? Please reach out to or contact us to schedule your trip.

*These are general guidelines for vehicle capacity for both passenger and luggage counts.