November 24, 2020

What does Customer Service mean to LimoLink?

We talked with Mike Lynch, Head of Operations, and one of the early employees who helped build the foundation of LimoLink's Client Service Teams. Read about his perspective on the early days and how teams deliver on their Midwestern values today.

Phone and Phone Headset next to Laptop

When did you become part of the LimoLink family and what was the environment like?MLynch-250x-375.jpg
I started in the spring of 2000, early on in the company’s history. The environment was what you would expect from a startup; learning new things with each trip, wearing many hats, long days but yet a fun and welcoming environment. It all worked well since many employees worked together previously. As the company grew, departments and areas of expertise were created and that’s when we really started to come into our own.

What differentiates LimoLink from other service organizations?
First of all, we answer the phone. Unlike other companies there is no pressing 0, no automated responses or phone trees, and no long hold times. We do not bury our phone number on our website, we want clients to call us. Your calls are answered by a live person on your dedicated team with the resources needed to personally assist you. It is all about interaction, we want to connect with you!

"Each time I call into LimoLink I am personally greeted by name. There is a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful voice ready with my account and passenger details. I set the pace and they get it right, no hassle or worries, just exceptional customer service!"
 - Executive Assistant to CEO/President

LimoLink’s mission is to extend premium level quality to everything we do. How does your Client Service team work towards achieving that?
It starts with our recruiting and hiring process. Having the right people that want to foster relationships and be the helpful voice of LimoLink makes all the difference. From mentorship programs, extensive training sessions, manager and peer follow-up, and daily progress reports, our agents are surrounded with the quality assurance process they need to deliver a consistent and professional level of service. Just tell your agent what you need to make your trip successful - a special pick up location, a hot latte waiting for the passenger, favorite music playing, or the temp set at 72 degrees, we will extend our WOW to you.

Looking at current times, how has your Client Service Team evolved during the COVID pandemic?
At the start of the outbreak we were able to quickly align our teams to transition to a remote, home based atmosphere (following the CDC and State guidelines) while never missing a call. The pandemic caused domestic and international business travel to nearly come to a halt and we had to lay off people that had been with LimoLink a long time, which was heart-breaking. Through it all, our agents have shown remarkable flexibility and maintained a positive outlook. We continue to be available 24/7/365 with our smiling voices on the other end of the phone to timely meet your requests.

“I am very social by nature so the initial change of not being with my team/friends at the office was different but we are a close team and have fun communicating virtually now!”
 - Client Service Agent